Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Software

About Project

This project was developed for a Dubai based client. The Fleet Management and vehicle tracking software caters to the needs of organisations like taxi aggregators, rental car companies, desert safari agengies etc. and help them not only monitor the status of their fleet, but also control several aspects of vehicles in case of emergency situations.

With the help of various sensors, the organisation are able to check the status of the ignition of the vehicle, door status, fuel status, temperature speed, odometer value and much more.

With various intelligent algorithms in place, the software can detect if the vechile is entering any restricted area or leaving a pre-defined path. With various reports like daily summary report, events reports, trip reports, driver scoring report etc. the admins of the organisation can get a detailed it's entire fleet in seconds!

Project Feature

  • Highly Scalable architecture with some of the most cutting edge technologies.
  • RealTime Notification and events to the user via RabbitMQ and websockets.
  • Clean and very intuitive UX.
  • Live View where user can view live locations and all sensor values of the vehicle, including events like overspeeding and accidents.
  • History Module, where a user can repeat the history/trip of any given vehicle.
  • Geofences Module, where a user can create circular/polygonal/route geofences and create restrictions on vehicles.
  • Various types of reports including daily summary reports, events reports, trip reports, driver scoring reports etc.
  • Search Module to search a specific vehicle in hisotry, based on different attributes like color, time, space etc.

Project Information

  • Start Month : July 2015
  • End Month : Jan 2017
  • Team Size : 3