About Project

This generic chatbot was build for two different domains - one was for a the hospitality industry and second was for human resource management. The beauty of the product was with minimal changes in codebase, and with proper data, the same same product worked very well for both of the domains. We did not use any of the existing APIs for the chatbot, the entire chatbot algorithm was build from scratch. With the increase in data, great responses were shown by our chatbot.

The APIs were written in python using NLTK and AIML libraries and the frontend was developed for Android and iOS in React Native.

Project Advantages

  • Generic and Flexible Code to cater multiple Domains.
  • Written from scratch using NLTK and AIML, without using any third party APIs.
  • Excellent Accuracy, without excessive initail data requirements

Project Information

  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Team Size: 3