About Project

Collaborated with their tech-team to develop next version of their platform. This platform enables organisations to create and manage their own courses, trainers and traninees. The trainees can use the platform to check for the new resources and updates from the trainers, upload assignments and get them automatically evaluated, give online tests and practise on sample problems. The Trainers use the platform to check progress of any of its class.

Project Advantages

  • The code was developed with a rapid prototyping utility, which enables super fast creation of new APIs.
  • Workflow Functionality with enables several diffent types of combinations of events and actions which a user can define, in order to automate the operations.
  • Super fast and highly accurate search features.
  • Functionality to auto-evaluate assignments and online editor for coding practise.

Project Information

  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Team:       6