Ad Tech Platform

About Project

The startup we are working with is disrupting BTL Advertising space with technology, a domain in which on one else dared to step into before because of its ground level complexities. After tackling the issues of the domain head-on at operations level for three year, the startup in collaboration with Wikasta, is now all geared up with its next level platform. The top management is closely familiar with the ground realities and the experience has been captured beautifully into the platform using which, the organisation get leads in real time, manage all their requirements and checklist at one place, perform complex data analytics over leads and checklists to get insights like never before, and much much more.

Project Advantages

  • Very Dynamic and Flexible code and database architechture, to ensure swift expansion of business requirements.
  • Very Generic Analytics engine to perform analysis on the aquired data.
  • Intuitive UX of some very complex feature.

Project Information

  • Start Date:July 2018
  • End Date: Ongoing
  • Team Size:3